Whenever there is an injury to a part of the body, due to the inability to absorb force, or post-surgery; cells are damaged, and the electrical charge in the damaged area is changed from a positive polarity to a negative polarity.

This elicits the healing response in the body by attracting white blood cells, fibroblasts, and a whole array of healing responses, however, if the response doesn’t reverse polarity, it causes scar tissue to attach to the muscle tissue.

This scar tissue embedded in muscle fibers takes away from the ability to elongate and contract, thus weakening the muscle and rendering it less capable of absorbing force. When this starts happening, the muscles no longer do their job. The result is injury to the joints that were being supported by these muscles.

arpARPwave has been approved by the FDA for muscle re-education and relaxation of muscle spasms, which help stop pain associated with many injuries. ARPwave stimulation is harmonious with the electric current in the human body. It is a proprietary electrical stimulation modality which uses both direct electrical current as well as a patented bio‐electrical current, simultaneously with active range‐of‐motion and other exercise techniques. This combination of currents facilitates increased effectiveness of the direct current by allowing higher levels of intensity and deeper penetration while minimizing discomfort. Other electrical stimulation use only alternating current which is not consistent with the natural direct current that is found in the body. Alternating current causes the muscles to contract like they do when you get a muscle cramp.

As the ARPwave electrical pads are applied to areas of the body only a mild sensation is felt until it passes over, and the direct current passes through, an area that has built up and retained a negative polarity from a previous injury. When the current passes through an area with scarring, the person experiences a level of discomfort consistent with the amount of negative charge in that area. As these areas (hot spots) are located, based on the levels of discomfort, the ARPwave machine is able to determine the actual sites where treatment is needed. Often these sites are not where the individual expects them.

arp-manThe benefit of the ARPwave is the compression of rehabilitative phases, whereas traditional therapy elongates the process of eliminating compensation patterns, reducing inflammation/swelling, increasing range-of-motion, and increasing strength; ARPwave does all steps simultaneously. During treatment, after finding “hot spots”, electrodes are placed on the muscle groups involved and using specific protocols are put through movement patterns simultaneously as stimulation is administered to re-educate proper muscle movement.

In true acceleration fashion, as the individual increases power level with the ARPwave, the more quickly the negative charge dissipates. As we continue through ARPwave treatments, muscles that could not absorb force rapidly learn to do so, and in turn are able to keep more force out of the injured area. Most of the time during the course of ARPwave treatments, an individual will not only experience a drastic decrease in pain and dramatic improvement in physical function. Once the true origin of the injury is repaired we are ready for the next step in potentially eliminating the reoccurance of muscle, joint, or disc related injuries through proper training.

“Federal law restricts the ARP device to sale or lease by or on the order of a practitioner licensed by the law of the State in which he/she practices to use or order the use of the device.”