Unlike anything you will ever experience

athletic masteryThe Athletic Mastery (Sports Performance) Training Program at Neuro Strength Lab is run by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, providing over 35 years of knowledge and experience in proper human movement to provide our athletes every advantage necessary to reach their full potential by elevating their level of speed & performance.  Since 1996, NSL has worked with athletes of all levels on rehabilitation, fitness, and conditioning and performance enhancement.

NSL’s programs improve “true” flexibility, mobility, strength, speed, power, and core stability.  These programs provide the ability to break down positions that train specific components of becoming a great athlete physically and mentally.  But unlike other programs, the key to performance is to maintain position at the appropriate speed.  9 out of 10 times when an athlete fails physically or mentally, the position has not been maintained.  This is what separates the average from good and good from great!  The ability to maintain and transfer force properly is the key factor to become the best!

NSL’s Training Methods

  • We believe that developing a well-balanced athlete focuses on 7 all-encompassed factors all athletes should desire to achieve
  • True Flexibility
  • Maximal Velocity
  • Maximal Force Production
  • Velocity Endurance
  • Starting Strength
  • Acceleration Strength
  • Easy to Follow Nutrition

glute-ham hamstring raiseWe demand proper position and velocity during training, which prepares your body to absorb large amounts of force and allows for a better resistance to injury.

We train high load, high velocity, and high volume in ways that eliminate symptoms of over training.

Never any gimmicks!

NSL strongly believes in educating clients and empowering them to manage their own health, fitness and nutrition by providing detailed plans to execute at home or on the road without any equipment necessary.

athletic masteryOur goal at Neuro Strength Lab is completing movements efficiently by using correct muscles in the correct order. All of our clients learn to use the correct muscles to hold these positions and build strength that transfers throughout the entire range of motion.