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Beginning Methodologypt3

In all aspects of physical training, to elicit fast results, one must build a base of fitness. A substantial benefit of our instruction is training the muscles to work properly, which involves no movement at all, otherwise known as isometric positioning. When holding an isometric position, there is no risk of injury or even re-injury due to no movement involved in the exercise.

NSL’s method opersonal trainingf actively pulling muscles into position causes these muscles to contract eccentrically, or lengthen, which is critical to injury prevention due to elongated muscles being able to absorb more force. Actively pulling also induces a contraction at a very high velocity which allows muscles to turn on in the same manner as during a max effort sprint. This pulling also forces the body’s energy systems to cycle from anaerobic to aerobic and back again, which improves energy delivery systems for any and all human beings.

Our staff bring a fun attitude, drive, elite knowledge, and attention to detail when driving towards your personal fitness. All of our trainers are certified by nationally recognized organizations and/or hold a degree in exercise science, which ensures you are working with experienced and caring professionals. If you’re looking to lose weight, get toned/defined, increase lean muscle, or just maintain your physique, Neuro Strength Lab has the personal trainers to get you in shape.

  • Fat Burning/Weight Loss
  • Muscle Definition/Toningpt2
  • Muscle/Weight Gain
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Speed/Agility/Conditioning
  • Executive Fitness


  • Substantially reduce body fat
  • Improve muscular balance
  • Increase metabolism
  • Build calorie-burning muscle
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Lower resting heart ratepersonal training
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase energy
  • Continuous motivation
  • Efficient training plans for fast results