When a person comes to Neuro Strength Lab to eliminate pain and discomfort from injury, there is a process that is followed which provides a clear path to achieving that goal. The process consists of the following: evaluation, RESET System, ARPwave mapping, and ARPwave treatment.


The initial evaluation consists of a health screen review to determine your health history. A muscle test screening is then performed using RESET concepts to determine your indicators. Once the indicators are determined, the process of ARPwave mapping can be performed. As the areas of “cellular disruption” are surfaced, the process of eliminating the issues can begin through ARPwave treatment.


A revolutionary movement optimization system, RESET pinpoints and eliminates the motor control deficits that cause us to compensate with posture and movement. Over the course of our lives, stress causes our bodies to acquire motor control deficits, which we also refer to as joint dysfunctions. Motor control deficits are specific joint positions that are intolerant to load (weight). The body subconsciously knows to re-route movement around these positions. When the body works around certain joint positions, that is called compensation. In order to reap the full benefits of physical activity we need flawless posture and movement. RESET removes the flaws and restores naturally strong posture and movement. It’s simply a motor control restoration system.

How RESET Works

Since the goal is to identify and address motor control deficits, and these deficits are pattern and planar specific positions that cannot tolerate load, it becomes necessary to isolate and load specific joint positions to then be able to detect the body’s response to this load. By applying different patterns and then using nerve system response muscle testing to detect positive and negative responses, we can reliable identify compensatory dysfunction patterns and joint positions that do and do not tolerate loads. Once motor control deficits are isolated, isometric exercise is utilized to increase motor control function at dysfunctional joint positions. Once isolated deficiencies are restored to a functional state, practicing movement patterns is encouraged so that these isolated deficient positions can be fully restored to functional movement patterns.


The ARPwave is a proprietary electrical stimulation modality. It uses both direct electrical current and a patented bio-electrical current simultaneously with movement and exercise. This combination of currents increases effectiveness of the direct current by allowing higher levels of intensity and deeper penetration while minimizing the discomfort. It’s simply a tool which allows for the body, brain, and nerve system to repair itself.

What Happens During An Injury?

Every injury the body sustains creates an electrical disturbance. At the cellular level, when a cell is damaged, the area damaged changes from a positive polarity to a negative charge. This begins the healing response. But for healing to occur correctly the ideal scenario is to dissipate the negative charge to avoid scar tissue from attaching to muscle fiber. This scar tissue can cause further compensation to muscle function, which can lead to the muscle’s in-ability to elongate and contract fully. This will lead to the inability to absorb force. When this starts happening, the muscles no longer do their job and injury occurs. Even if no traumatic force causes an injury, compensation over time can also create electrical damage.

ARPwave Neuro Mapping

During a mapping, the ARPwave electrodes are applied to the body to look for areas that have a built up negative charge. When the current passes through an area with a negative charge, the person will experience a level of discomfort consistent with the amount of negative charge in that area. The mapping is performed over the entire body to determine ALL areas that may be affected and categorized from greatest to least discomfort. These areas, based on their levels of discomfort, provide the actual sites where treatment is needed. The treatment areas are often not near the site of pain because that area is a symptom of the actual cause (again, inability to absorb force due to negative charge).

ARPwave Neuro Treatment

Once the ARPwave locates treatment areas, the electrodes are secured to the appropriate spots and a pre-determined movement pattern is performed. After a movement is performed for the specified amount of time, the person will notice a decrease in discomfort at the site of the electrodes. The power level is increased at regular intervals and at the client’s toleration. This is repeated through a specified amount of time and the intensity of the power is increased at regular intervals. The faster a person can increase the power into the affected area the quicker the negative charge build-up and scarring will be dissipated.


RESET removes movement flaws and restores natural posture and movement by optimizing motor control patterns. ARPwave Neuro Therapy helps the body remove negatively charged tissue caused by injury and reduces the negative charge build-up. This allows the muscle to improve muscle lengthening to contract faster and stronger. When the muscles are able to contract faster and more forcefully, they are able to better protect the joint(s) that are attached to them, preventing further injury. The result is a substantial reduction or, more commonly, complete elimination of pain followed by increased range of motion.